I got divorced in 2007 and I still remember what that pain felt like – made all the worse because we had a baby daughter. This is one of the reasons I’ve become passionate about helping to save relationships. I’ve dedicated my career to developing easy-to-follow strategies, models and coaching skills, and I’ve seen them work hundreds of times in the past decade in relationships that I’ve helped save from breaking up. I’ve also saved couples hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees and losses. I now firmly believe that if you both want it, not only can your relationship succeed, it can get back on track to when you first met. Please watch my free video course worth £197, (as I teach people to be relationship coaches and even if you are not interested in being a coach, the tools, resources an coaching models will definitely improve your relationship, no matter what situation you are in) and I coach couples on how to get their love life on track, please register and watch the video and let me know if my coaching models improve your relationship.