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What Are Your Relationship Goals in 2022?

  • Are you single, and looking to find the right person for you?
  • Are you in a relationship, and looking to communicate better with your partner and build a stronger bond?
  • Are you a married couple who wants to take your marriage to a new level of intimacy and understanding?
  • Do you want to learn more about why relationships work the way they do, why people choose the partners that they do, and what we really need to be happy in our relationships and in life?
  • When you compare my fees to other matchmakers; dating, and relationship experts… None of them provide this unique combination of services which increase your chance of finding, attracting, and keeping the man you could only previously dream of dating. Possibly even spending your life with.
  • When you invest in one of my relationship coaching or dating packages, you will significantly increase your chances of finding each other. Isn’t that what you have always wanted?
  • All of the packages I am offering to you are based on more than 10 years of my experience in the relationship, and dating industry. The successful outcomes which many women have achieved in using my services. Marriage; engagements; long lasting, and loving relationships. Also one or two babies, along the way!

I Can Help You in the Following 16 Ways, If:

  • You are tired of meeting the wrong men, and are looking for a serious relationship with the right one.
  • You have been single throughout lockdown for more than a year, so are feeling rusty or nervous about dating again. You also don’t want to waste any more time by choosing the wrong man!
  • You need coaching from an understanding, and discreet dating expert. Someone who will be able to give you a male perspective on what was wrong when you dated in the past. I genuinely believe that a man is the best one to talk to about other men. Why? Because he is also a man, he already knows their innermost secrets. Especially when it comes to women!
  • You may feel like the odd one out or under pressure to find someone, before it’s too late. This means you want to fast track meeting the right man. All of your female friends have settled down, or are married. Maybe have even started a family. You are worried about leaving it much longer because your biological clock is ticking fast, but you rightly don’t want to settle for just any man.
  • You would like to work with someone who is established in the dating/relationship industry, and has an excellent reputation. An award winning coach who is responsible for creating several loving relationships; engagements; weddings, and even babies. But maybe more about that another time!
  • It’s quite simple really. You would just like to get married, and have a family. No other reason than that for finding the right man!
  • You would like to have more children or a baby, to add to your existing family.
  • You are divorced, would like to settle down again, and possibly remarry.
  • You have finally managed to move on from your last relationship with an abusive man, and you certainly don’t want that to happen to you again. So you are looking for the right support, and help, in finding a much better man who will treat you well.
  • You are willing to work on yourself, to become the best possible version of you, and which can significantly increase your chances of finding the man you really want. If you are feeling like this, please remember that whatever anyone else might think or say… No one is perfect. This doesn’t however mean that you can’t try to do something about those worrying flaws which may be holding you back.
  • You believe that it’s important not to make the same mistakes again, as this led to you getting hurt in the past. You want to know why you only attract players; cheaters, and married men. When all you have been doing is looking for the right man. This could mean you have lost confidence in dating again.
  • You understandably feel anxious about joining the dating scene after lockdown. What will it be like? The pandemic seems to have changed so much. Will you be able to cope with having a date? It seems such a long time ago since you even had a proper conversation with a man. Let alone held hands with one, or did something romantic.
  • You want to work with a person you can trust, and who won’t judge you when you are at your most vulnerable. A man who will be understanding, and have a plan for healing any pain or hurt which you are presently carrying with you everywhere you go. Someone who will do everything possible to ensure that you will be ready to meet the right man when he comes along.
  • You would like a man to accompany you at an event. Maybe you no longer have a male or female friend who can go with you. They have settled down in serious relationships, or are possibly married. Perhaps he or she might be unavailable for another reason: work commitments, or has elderly relatives to care for? There are many reasons why you might not have anyone to go with, and all of them are valid. This doesn’t however mean that you can’t, or shouldn’t go to the event you want to attend. It may be a wedding or special gathering of some description, like a school reunion; a fabulous party, or night out at the theatre; an exhibition. Again, the list is endless. Not only can I accompany you to this event, I will also help you to chat in a subtle way with the men you like. So that they can tell whether or not you are interested in them, without you having to actually say it!
  • You feel that you need help in preparing for the right man to be in your life. This may be because you still have unresolved issues from your last relationship, and have so far avoided dealing with them.
  • You would like to gain access to a variety of dating products from experts and therapists who will be on stage at my events, and relationship conferences. When you’ll also be able to get advice on what is troubling you the most, about starting to date again

Yes please Des, I want to claim this fantastic offer and I am interested in this amazing strategy/coaching package with you on how to improve your business or personal life, how to speak on stage and how to improve your dating and relationship opportunities in 2022.

Dating: - I am single and would like to find, attract and keep the right man in 2022Relationships: I am in a relationship and we need to improve our relationshipLife coaching – I need to improve certain areas of my life and not sure how to go about thisBusiness Coaching – I have a business and need advice on how to improve itBusiness Start Up – I want to start up a new business or I am in the early stages and need advice)Speaking – I am interested in speaking on stage at your upcoming events

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