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Coaching / consultation - Hands-on advice on how to boost profits or solve specific challenges in your business. We'll also discuss various topics around preparing a new business or enhancing your current business practices.Web and marketing collateral design - Design a new website, improve your current one, or design business cards, flyers or roller banners.Create a membership site - Learn how to create your own membership site with multiple tiers of memberships, different payment options and premium content/special offers for your best customers.Promotional services (to over 100,000 contacts) We'll promote your product or service to all our platforms, including emails to our database, SMS to 10,000 recipients, Facebook Lives, Facebook and LinkedIn event creation and more!Digital creative products - Create your own DVDs, CDs, downloadable e-books, MP4 videos, MP3 audio files and more – sell your products globally and earn passive income while instantly positioning yourself as an expert.Screen recording software - Install the best video screen recording software on your PC/laptop.Recording products - Live training on how to record and produce digital products to sell online.Launch events - Launch your new brand or expand your audience with a professionally produced, well-attended live launch event! We'll make it easy to plan and invite your audience to spread the word.International speaking - Expand your brand to international markets! Des helps business experts and professional speakers find international speaking opportunities – bringing US experts to the UK and helping UK experts speak on stage in the US, Australia, Dubai and more!Public speaking - We can train you to speak on stage confidently and instantly become a respected authority – at the local level or internationally.Seminars, events & workshops - We can advise, plan, manage, book and promote your events to our large list of contacts to make sure they're packed!Author's book launch - We can host your book launch! We also have a special programme and upcoming event where you can learn how to earn income from each of your book chapters and get paid while you sleep by readers all over the world!Video recording - Our team will record your videos so they look professional for your YouTube channel, website and sales funnel, online courses or whatever else you need.Webinars & Facebook Live - Prepare, market and promote yourself easily with webinar marketing. Your message goes global without being held back by technical issues! We take away the complications and make selling online courses and promoting your live events a breeze.Branding - We can help you create a consistent identity for your business that clearly tells the story of your expertise and shows the world what makes you unique.

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