6 Hours Video Training Seminar : How to Use Webinars to Treble Your Business’s Income While You Sleep

1. Introduction

2. Why Webinars are the Best Way to Generate Leads

3. 9 Fantastic Reasons Why You Must Do Webinars

4. How to Create an Excellent Title That Increases Attendees on Your Webinar

5. What Could You Do With Your Webinar to Make an Extra Income

6. How to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals and What Hand outs to Give Away

7. How to Prepare a Powerful Title For Your Webinar

8. Important Things You Must Do to Make Sure Your Webinar is a Successful One

9. How to Get Them to Stay Until the End of The Webinar

10. 7 Steps on How to Run a Successful Webinar

11. What You Need to Know About GoToWebinar

12. Des O’Connor presenting a Live Demonstration Using GoToWebinar

13. How Live Polls Can Improve Your Sales

14. How To Prepare Your Automated Webinar

15. What Are You Going to Sell on Your Webinar

16. What are the Best Times to Promote your Webinar

17. What Should You Email Your Registrants

18. How to Avoid Getting Banned on Facebook Promoting Your Webinar

19. Tools and Resources That Can Help You to Promote a Very Successful Webinar

20. How to Get Paid For Free Before You Prepare Your Webinar